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17/18 Season Wrap

Close Semi-Final Loss ends another successful season

17/18 Season Results Summary

A hugely disappointing loss to Thamesians was a bitter way to end the season. Full credit to Thamesians who we played three close run battles against this season and when it mattered they managed to squeeze out a tough fought victory. Some questionable adjudicating certainly left a sour taste in the mouth but I'm proud of the way the boys stuck at it and didn't allow the game to decend into a complete farce and in the end we were still one score away from a victory against what felt like 16 players for 80 minutes.

After our second consecutive division promotion we knew we would have to take another step up and we proved we could do it once we got into our stride. However, again we proved our worst enemy is ourselves with 4 losses that could and should have been wins being the difference between winning the league outright. We started on the wrong foot losing the first 4 games as we struggled to field a full 15 players out of the +40 plus registered. In a show of character we reversed all of those loses in the second round. Most notably the 31-26 second round loss to Hanwell when the referee simply got the score wrong - agreed by both sides - was another absolute howler and shows again that if you want something done right we have to do it ourselves.

More positively by the end of the season we'd fielded 56 different players and recruited a number of great players. We scored 648 points including 106 tries from 27 different players. Two players, Slade Siameja and John Sanger, scored over 100 points for the season at 157 and 124 respectively. Our pack stepped up to ensure quick go forward ball while our defence improved by leaps and bounds to be better organised and contain some good offensive teams.

The off season has seen a Quintin touch team playing in wandsworth keeping the fitness and skills up and we should be ready to get going and avoid another slow start!

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