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Quintin 24 - 22 Actonians 2s

With both teams having their first league fixtures forfeited Actonians gratefully accepted a Friendly and made the confusing journey to Kings House.

Spirits (as always) were high and our blindside chop tackle machine Amaan was particularly keen to get the game under way. With equipment well sourced and a drilled warm up complete, the visitors kicked off into the warm sun.

Quintin’s new front row combination kept stable the hotly contested scrum, which gave the foundation for the first half to flow nicely. Actonians scored an early try with strong running and slick hands which bypassed Quintin tackles.

The score was levelled after skipper Adam went close and all of people, Matt Callow picked up and dotted down.

Physicality was being shown all round the park, with big carries from debutants, from around the globe, in kiwi Scott (MoM and 2 x try scorer) and Spaniard Victor. Whilst used to positioning himself at the rear of the pack, Bertie took his talents to the 13 shirt and, hitting hard and carrying well to ward off Actonians attacks.

At the start of the second half, the visitors made good use of some handy substitutes with slick hands. Actononian’s spritely ten arrived to an uncouth lazy shot from inside centre Matt Callow; which understandably earned him a yellow. Some claim this was so he could enjoy ten minutes rest.

The game became scrappy and moved end to end from good carrying from the Acton back row and Quintin playing pressured territorial rugby having gone down to 3 players in the backs. With the pressure of the Acton pack telling, vice captain Joe picked a perfect time to relieve this with a timely 50/22 to put Quintin back on the front foot.

Cries from the sidelines revved Quintin on in the last quarter. The forwards, lead by scrum half Knox’s direction, ramped up the carries which would gain valuable penalties. This allowed the intuitive and mullited Nick to take a marauding quick tap up field and set up Scotty to score his second try cementing a solid performance and a win for Quintin.

Honourable mentions to all the lads who put a big shift in and not one person came off the pitch looking unhappy, even Amaan.

Big shout out to Actonians for being so accommodating and providing us with a ref with a great sense of humour. The lads look forward to their first league fixture away at Haringey next week. Get your ones up.

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