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Thamesians 2nd IX 38 – 22 Quintin

A Valiant effort despite being a man down.

On a day headlined by impressive wins from England and New Zealand it was no surprise all 14 available Quintin players were frothing for a run out. Due to the reduced numbers and uncontested scrums it was always a day for running rugby, an idea shared by the opposition as they slipped a wrecking ball into the fly half role.

Their tactics were evident as they pounded the Quintin defence with hard runners early in the game. Despite a valiant defence, much improved since the opener against Hackney, the lack of ball in hand for Quintin tolled. A second try came, but not before we were down to 13 as Presley took a heavy hit into the posts, sustaining a shoulder injury that forced him to leave the field. Heads refused to drop and instead we were inspired to take the game back to them with the two Wills combining with a delightful grubber from Carter allowing his younger namesake to fly through the opposition line and dot down in the corner.

We moved into the second half having conceded 4 tries, but dug deep thinking of the fitness crawls at training and came out fighting. Using the space on the pitch well we claimed another 2 tries and managed to lock out the opposition for much of the half. Even if Joe or ‘Undercover Martin’, an ex-football type, had not earned himself Dotd (and actually opted for the kick through over a forward pass) we still had a hill to climb and not the time left. Charles managed to smash through the opposition defence to score the final try of the game the result was done. A true effort from all players despite being a man down, man of the match went to the Chima train who put in a great shift, with strong runs and stopping dead anyone who dared run at him.

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